Canadian-health-shop.com Review – Looks Real but with Unreliable and Fake Reviews

Canadian-health-shop.com is one of the newest online pharmacies that sell medicines without a prescription. With a tagline that says they offer highest quality medicine at the lowest price, I started looking into this site in an attempt to save money for my medicine.

Canadian-health-shop has been in the business for the last three years. This online pharmacy offers high-quality generic medicines from India. According to their website, their medicines are made from world-class drug factories in India where only the best materials are used. Everything that canadian-health-shop.com offers is Indian-FDA approved. Their website adds that all drugs offered on this site were certified by Psychotropic Substances Act, The Pharmacy Act, Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India, The Narcotic Drugs, The Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act, and The Drugs Order.

For your fill of Viagra prescription, canadian-health-shop can help you. They have different types of Viagra (from super active to super floux and super dulox) for less than $2 per pill. All of these Viagra pills are generic and the site comes with description to help buyers choose the best drug for their needs. The reason why it is cheaper compared to other online pharmacies is that they offer generic drugs. Generic drugs according to their website contains the same active ingredients like its branded counterparts.  The only difference of generic medicines offered by Canadian-health-shop when compared to branded medicines is its shape, color and price.

Ordering from Canadian Health Shop is easy as they accept credit card payment including debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, and Discover). They also honor e-check payment and bank wire transfer. With a money back guarantee, I am almost ready to process my order.

Canadian-health-shop.com has two shipping options, trackable courier service and international unregistered mail. Trackable courier service takes 7-9 working days for a cost of $50. This delivery option is limited to customers residing in Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium. For the rest of their customers in other countries, international unregistered mail is used for $10 per package. This service is not available to customers who ordered branded medicines though.

Since I am planning to refill my Viagra prescription and I don’t want to have generic ones, I wanted to know if they have branded Viagra medicines. The only option to contact them though is through their 24/7 phone support available for UK and US customers (For US: +1 (866) 503-48-18 and For UK: +44 (870) 490-06-18). I tried clicking “contact us” on their homepage and it led me to a request page where an inquiry can be sent as well.

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Canadian Health Shop doesn’t have a return policy. However, they honor cancellation within 24 hours since the order was placed. Cancellation of an order can be processed by sending an email to their support team. Refund is possible in special cases such as the lost or undelivered package (failed delivery). According to their website, there is a very low chance of losing a package (1%) with their international mail system hence they call it “guaranteed delivery”. They consider a delivery a ‘failed delivery” if it has not reached the customer yet after 30 days after being shipped.

Canadian-health-shop.com Reviews

Upon checking the prices of their Viagra medicines, I started wondering if it really works (since it is way too cheap). Here are some of the reviews and testimonials I found.

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Rachel, 39, seems to be so happy with the drug she bought from canadian-health-shop.com. She said it is of the highest quality yet she did not indicate what med she got. Lucy Jacobs, another happy customer of canadian-health-shop.com also says she got a cheap medicine without saying which medicine it is. The same thing can be said of Jane who praised the effective pill she got yet didn’t elaborate her statement. A for Mrs. Antonetti, 42, who had near death experience and saved by canadian-health-shop.com, I wish I knew which drug she got and helped her survive death.

The thing is, these reviews seem to be incomplete, lacking and unreal. I checked other websites and I found the same testimonies, heightening my doubts about the medicines that canadian-health-shop.com offers. My conclusion is, these reviews were fake or paid reviews.

Canadian-health-shop.com Reviews 2017

The price of the medicines they offer and the testimonies I read about canadian-health-shop.com made me doubt this online pharmacy. I checked it in scamadviser and I was no longer surprised after seeing that this website has been listed as a “threat”.

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With zero trust rating, I won’t be surprised if the people who wrote their testimonials are the same people who run this online pharmacy! This is the main red flag hence I decided not order from this  online pharmacy.

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Canadian-health-shop.com Coupon Codes

The free delivery and free sample coupons are actually the same promotion that the website offer. Clicking these options will lead a buyer to a page allowing them to choose between 4 Soft Viagra pills or 2 Soft Cialis pills for free. This only works though if a buyer will make a purchase first. The 10% off special offer coupon doesn’t work at all.

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Canadian-health-shop.com has a genuine-looking and reliable catalog of medicines. With Indian-FDA approved medicines made from the best pharmaceutical factories in India, I started thinking it is better than those Chinese produced drugs. If I am an inexperienced buyer, I could have easily fallen to this kind of marketing and ends up ordering more with the idea that I can save big if I order in bulk. However, the reviews and testimonials available on this site seem to be fake and unreliable, making me doubt the authenticity of this online pharmacy as a whole. For now, I will continue looking for other online stores to get my prescription. I rate Canadian-health-shop 2 out of 5.