Cheap Rx Reviews: Where Rx Medicines Are Dispensed Even Without A Prescription

Cheap Rx is a chain of pharmacies that operate online, offering prescription and over the counter medicines. Cheap Rx has customers worldwide even if it is based in Canada. For the medicines they offer, it is from top Canadian and Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Ordering a prescription medicine from Cheap Rx is not complicated. Cheap Rx understands the hassle of seeing a doctor just to get a prescription hence the distribute Rx drugs without asking for a prescription. They advise their customers to read the label of their medicines properly before taking it. If they can talk to a health professional, it would be good too.

According to a survey, the most ordered medicine online is erectile dysfunction drug, an Rx medicine. Most men are treating this condition on their own because they are ashamed to talk to another person about the said condition. Knowing the situation at hand, Cheap Rx wants to help hence they are dispensing Rx medicines without requiring a prescription. To help their customers, Cheap Rx has added some information on their website. When you click on a specific drug, information about it will appear such dosage information, basic use, side effects to expect, contraindications, proper storage, what to do in case of missed dosage or overdosage, and what to not to take that might affect its effectiveness.

Cheap Rx Reviews

Cheap Rx doesn’t just have a long list of available medications for disposal. They also have a ton of customer reviews, and the majority are positive. With a few hits on the mouse, here are some of the positive reviews we found for Cheap Rx.

Cheap Rx Customer Testimonials

The first customer review we found was shared by a French customer named Jacob. Jacob said that Cheap Rx has a fast service. He added that they also have a helpful customer support team. During ordering, Jacob had a problem ordering online so he called the support team to process it for him. The order was processed successfully and he got it earlier than expected.

The next review was shared by another French customer named Alex. Alex said that the liked Cheap Rx because of their support team.

Another French customer, Mark, admitted that he is a regular customer of Cheap Rx because of their good support and delivery team. Mark also praised the quality products they sell.

For the last review, Andy of Ireland stated that he liked Cheap Rx because of the quick and fast service they provide.

After 17 years of serving its customers, these customer reviews of Cheap Rx is a testament to their good service as a chain of online pharmacies.

Cheap Rx Online

People are using online pharmacies to refill their prescription because drugs are cheaper when purchased online. If you are one of them, you should check Cheap Rx and their offers. All Cheap Rx e-stores are offering affordable generic and branded medicines.

Once you visit the Cheap Rx page, you only have to select the medicine you need and you can process your order even if you don’t have an account with Cheap Rx. When ordering, you only need your credit card, your delivery address, and your medication’s name.

Cheap Rx Website

All Cheap Rx e-stores offer the same medicines. They offer generic medicines for fungal infection, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, allergies, asthma, and hair loss. They also offer weight loss pills and contraceptives. For erectile dysfunction, Cheap Rx offers generic and branded ED drugs.

At the end of their check out page, Cheap Rx gives their customer an option to choose the delivery method to use. For delivery options, customers can choose between Airmail Shipping and EMS Courier Shipping.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Cheap Rx e-dispensaries offer a generic Viagra for as low as $0.27 per pill. They offer a generic Cialis for as low as $0.68 per tablet. This is very interesting because these are the cheapest ED drugs that you can find online. With such a low price, it seems like Cheap Pills no longer need to produce coupon codes or else their medicines will become free. Coupon codes are mostly used by online stores to entice new and loyal customers in ordering from them. Coupon codes are applied at the checkout page and are equivalent to some amount such as $10 off or 10% off on the total purchase.

Cheap Rx Benefits

Even if they don’t offer coupon codes, customers of Cheap Rx can still take advantage of the perks that this network of online pharmacies offers. For qualified orders, customers can be eligible for free Airmail or EMS Shipping.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

To get a Cheap Rx representative that can help you, you can dial 4420 3239 7092 or 718 487 9792. If you don’t have the option to call, you can reach Cheap Rx support team via their ‘contact us’ page. On their ‘contact us’ page, you can send them your name, email address, and your issue. The answer to your query will be sent to your provided email address.

Cheap Rx Contacts

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Rx says that they do not support and do not practice sending spam emails and spam phone calls. They believe and respect their customers’ privacy and confidentiality of their information. To prove this, they are using a system on their website that does not save email address and phone numbers input by their customers during the ordering process.


For its affordability, accessibility, and ease of use as an online pharmacy, Cheap Rx deserves a rating of 5 stars. We are giving it a 5-star rating and hope that it will add more to its 17 years of service. All Cheap Rx e-dispensaries are distributing FDA approved medicines.

About the Author: Abraham Marshall