Contact-encustomer.com Review – Another E-Store with a “Sky Pharmacy” Template

Contact-encustomer.com or another “Sky Pharmacy” is a web pharmacy which I thought was only selling impotence medications for its clients. The store, though, sells more than products for male sexual health—the shop has a wide product range with various Rx and non-Rx products available. As is typical with other online pharmacies, no data regarding the shop’s business location and history were present in the store, although the shop sports logos from CPA, CIPA Rx, and MIPA, which are three organizations from Canada and which only includes web pharmacies with a license to operate in the country. Besides the memberships, Contact-encustomer.com is also certified by Health Pricer.

You may find various medications on Contact-encustomer.com, including products for diabetes, heart health, pain relief, depression, anxiety, skin care, sleeping problems, male and female health, herbal products, and a lot more. The shop, though, has the sexual enhancement meds (such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra) as its best-selling products, along with popular meds such as Doxycycline, Zithromax, Lasix, Prednisone, and other products. As advertised by Contact Encustomer, meds sold in the store, regardless of Rx need status, are dispensed all without prescriptions. You can choose amongst the brand and generic meds on the shop without worrying about forwarding your prescriptions to the store, as there is no need for Rx on Contact-encustomer.com.

Only FDA approved products may be found on Contact-encustomer.com, and the shop promises its clients that even its generic products are FDA approved. Its generic erectile dysfunction products such as the generic analogs for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are approved, so consumers need not worry about product safety and effectiveness. Concerning prices, Contact-encustomer.com is offering 10 pills of generic Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg (Viagra) for $33.15 and 10 pills of generic Tadalafil 20 mg for $32.59. For the minimum order, the per-pill cost of the products is high, but the shop offers lower prices for consumers buying the meds in bulk.

Payments honored by Contact Encustomer are those from VISA, AMEX, and E-check payments. The shipping fee charged by Contact-encustomer.com or Sky Pharmacy to its clients is $9.95, but it offers free shipping for consumers with orders more than $200. You may have to wait about two to three weeks before your orders arrive, but in case it does not, you are just instructed to contact the shop’s support team for conflict resolution. Contact-encustomer.com also assures the buyers that the orders are guaranteed to arrive 99% of the time, which, for me, gives an unfounded hope for the clients.

If you need assistance, you can reach Contact-encustomer.com using its contact page/email section, and also via its phone numbers advertised on the domain.

Contact-encustomer.com Review

A number of online reviews were posted on the web pharmacy, but the shop had no feedbacks from other sources. There is no clear reason for the lack of buyer testimonials, but it is probably because the store is too young or too unpopular with clients.

image2 11

Buyers such as Tyler (from Austria) gave good reviews for Contact-encustomer.com and stated that Contact Encustomer is a safe place to order from which attended to his needs promptly. However, the comments and testimonials from alleged buyers of the shop posted on Contact-encustomer.com are also found in similar websites. This indicates that the store’s comments are not from real buyers and are only copied statements created to spark buyer interest towards the online pharmacy.

Contact-encustomer.com Reviews 2017

Since the reviews found on Contact-encustomer’s testimonial page are all fabricated, I thought it better to evaluate the online store using various sources such as domain-checking websites to determine if the store’s domain is legitimately operating or not.

image4 10

Based on the report from Legit Script, the shop, Contact-encustomer’s status is “rogue” as it is found non-compliant with internet verification standards used by Legit Script. The shop is also identified as an offline store, although its domain registry hasn’t expired yet.

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The report for Contact-encustomer.com from Scam Adviser is no better—the store was given a low trust rating and the analysis score for Contact-encustomer’s credibility is only 0/100. The age for the store is two years, and several issues were identified for this online pharmacy. The country where the store operates from is either the Netherlands or Ukraine.

Contact-encustomer.com Coupon Codes

Free pills are given by Contact-encustomer.com/Sky Pharmacy for all orders done on the store. Shipping is also given free by the store for buyers with order totals more than $200.

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Contact Encustomer or Sky Pharmacy is also advertising that its products are 70% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. Indeed, the drug prices are cheaper here, so the store meant to not offer any more discounts for its buyers.


Contact Encustomer is a web pharmacy with a name of Sky Pharmacy. I’ve seen “Sky Pharmacy” online stores a lot, so I am thinking this store is yet another web affiliate for one main online drugstore.

This shop does not have its own reviews, as being an affiliate marketing website equals no real reviews as well. I tried browsing the web for mentions of this site, but no such references exist for this store. Contact-encustomer.com also had bad reports for its domain when various platforms are used, which indicates the lack of credibility for the store. Overall, I am rating Contact-encustomer.com 1 out of 5.