Epharmacy.com.au Review – Long-Running Store with Scanty Reviews and a Buyer Complaint of an Incomplete Order

Epharmacy.com.au is a unique online pharmacy which stocks not only medical products but other consumer items as well. Based on the shop’s domain, it is a store located in Australia and has operated since 1999. According to the store’s details, it has served over 500,000 “happy customers” and claims to offer the lowest prices for the meds and a safe and secure shopping experience. I think Epharmacy.com.au is peculiar because it actually has ground pharmacy branches all over Australia besides this online store, and the E Pharmacy Australia even posts its Australia pharmacy branches to encourage clients to visit.

It is interesting that E Pharmacy Australia sells consumer items such as fragrances, skin care products, cosmetics, baby care items, dental products, household merchandise, hair care, and others besides the prescriptions and OTC medications. You can say that Epharmacy.com.au is similar to your neighborhood pharmacy because of the products it sells. I was curious about the shop’s bestsellers and I discovered that the best-selling merchandises on E Pharmacy Australia are not merely medications. Some of the bestsellers of the site include Blackmores Vitamin E cream, Goat Soap, Ostelin Vitamin D for Kids, Healthy Care Propolis 2000mg Capsules, Nature’s Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies, and others.

Epharmacy.com.au has a strict prescription policy for its Rx medications; E Pharmacy Australia does not accept faxed or emailed prescriptions. In order for the clients to be able to purchase from Epharmacy.com.au, they have to mail their actual prescriptions to the store. For the vitamins and other OTC/grocery merchandises, though, there is no need to send Rx or any written doctor’s order.

It was odd that impotence meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are not included in the product roster of the store, but the products are still searchable on the shop. E Pharmacy Australia is selling Viagra 100 mg tablets for $10.64 for 4 pieces, Cialis 20 mg for $79.89 for 4 pieces, and Levitra 20 mg for $46.65 for 4 tablets. These medications can only be purchased using an Australian prescription which needs to be mailed to the store. Epharmacy.com.au only honors Australian doctor issued prescriptions, so international clients need to provide an Australia-issued Rx products accessible on the store so that the orders may be dispatched.

E Pharmacy Australia accepts payments using major credit cards, BPay, and PayPal for international orders. The shop ships the orders via Australia Post and EMS, so the freight cost varies depending on the items ordered on the store. According to E Pharmacy Australia, most orders arrive at the destinations in about 3 to 5 days in most western countries, but the shop did not indicate how long will it take for the orders to arrive in Asian, Middle Eastern, or farther destinations.

Epharmacy.com.au does not accept product returns and the store did not discuss if it refunds payments for failed deliveries. In the case of questions, E Pharmacy Australia may be reached using its numbers provided in the store or by emailing the Epharmacy.com.au staff at [email protected]

Epharmacy.com.au Reviews

Despite E Pharmacy Australia’s long-running service, it only had two reviews for its service and the reviews were merely dated 2007 and 2011 respectively. The buyer testimonials for Epharmacy.com.au were found on Resellerratings.com, a website which allows consumers to post their assessments for various internet shop services.

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The first review (from February 2007), from “alvareze”, was a 5 out of 5-star commendation for E Pharmacy Australia. According to him, he ordered Medihoney products from the store and was charged $22 for the shipping. The buyer said he was able to receive his orders from Epharmacy.com.au within a week.

The next review was posted 4 years later and it was a 1-star rating for the shop. According to “VictorJustino”, only 3 boxes of his 4-box order for MenoEze arrived in his London home and the shop did nothing to compensate for the lost box of product. He reached out to Epharmacy.com.au but the shop did not give him any response.

Epharmacy.com.au Reviews 2017

It is ironic that the store does not have current reviews for its service despite its lengthy operation. Due to this, I tried using other platforms to assess the domain Epharmacy.com.au and to see if there are details worth noting for the store.

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Indeed, Epharmacy.com.au was traced in Australia by Scam Adviser, but the store is currently a “threat listed” shop based on the standards of Scam Adviser. Epharmacy.com.au was given a score of 63 out of 100 and was listed as an “unverified” pharmacy. Malware reports were detected on this shop too. It is important to note, though, that Epharmacy.com.au is considered a popular website as a lot of visitor visits were detected for the shop.

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Epharmacy.com.au was only given a 48% rating by Scamener.com and the platform also detected a “decent popularity” for the website. However, Epharmacy.com.au was without an SSL certificate, which puts the buyers at risk. Scamner advised against browsing or purchasing anything from this store.

Epharmacy.com.au Coupon Codes

Currently, Epharmacy.com.au offers 35% off its EDLP products and up to 55% off on its RRP Vitamins.

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No coupons exist for Epharmacy.com.au, though, but buyers can check some other time to see if the store can come up with special vouchers.

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Epharmacy.com.au also offers to ship products for free, as long as the orders shall exceed $99.


I actually liked Epharmacy.com.au because of its unique product offerings—not all virtual drugstores offer other products like E Pharmacy Australia did. The shop had vitamins, skin care, baby care, and other miscellaneous items which are not typically sold by internet pharmacies.

However, Epharmacy.com.au got me disappointed by its lack of reviews. The store only had two mentions on the web from clients who posted in 2007 and 2011. Epharmacy.com.au had one commendation and one complaint from a client who received incomplete items. Although I find Epharmacy.com.au interesting, I still recommend searching for other drugstores to shop from. Rating: 2 out of 5.