Euroking-gear.com Review – A Suspicious Store Offering Poor Discounts

EuroKing-Gear.com is an online web store that specializes in selling products related to bodybuilding. These products help the people shape their bodies according to their will while some of them ai din the exercising or bodybuilding techniques in keeping the body in shape. Euro King Gear claims that it is a safe platform for buying all these steroids. The company basically acquires its supplies of steroids from Dragon Pharma and Gen-Shi Laboratories. Euro King Gear also says that their products are 100 percent real and equally effective, therefore, they are guaranteed to provide the maximum level of satisfaction. EuroKing-Gear also ensures that the store works in a professional manner, keeping the transparency patent. The store has a minimum order requirement to help those people who are still dubious about the store order in a small amount and try it out for once. Some of the products available at this store include oral steroids, post cycle therapy, injectable steroids, peptides-HGH, and steroids for sexual health, prostate and for weight loss. The store, however, is slightly expensive as it sells 50 mg kg Kamagra at 1.24 US Dollars per pill.

The company claims to provide an international delivery and makes sure that the products are delivered in small packages which are discrete in nature. The charges are flat and every customer has to pay 28 US Dollars extra for getting the medicines delivered to their doorsteps. Bitcoin can be used to pay for the medicines easily. Customers cannot pay using PayPal or any other credit cards. The contact us section of this store does not open and there is no contact number provided by the store for the customers. The only way to contact the company is to send them an email. Nothing is mentioned about refunds on the website.

Euroking-gear.com Reviews

A lot of reviews can be found regarding the work performance of EuroKing-Gear.com. One of the customers has said in his review that he has been associated with this store for ten years. He said that the store always responds to him “within a day or so” and his orders have always been taken care of. Another customer said that he had ordered a few drugs and didn’t get them. Upon contacting the company, a tracking number was provided which showed that the given order “never left the origin”.

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However, the store has responded to the customer’s  bad review and looking at the second comment posted by the customer, it seems like the issue was resolved soon after this.

Euroking-gear.com Reviews 2016

In one of the reviews received by Euro King Gear in 2016, an angry customer has mentioned it as the “worst website” where half of the products are “fake”. The customer has claimed that he has paid the store money but has not received the products. He called it a “huge scam” and asked others not to try it.

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Another review called this store as the “real deal” and said that they were respectful and quick in responding back. The customer has also mentioned that the package the store sent was good hence, the store was regarded as a “good source”.

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LegitScript is, however, not happy with the functioning of Euro King Gear. It has mentioned how this store has not been able to come up to the criterion of LegitScript for proving its legitimacy. Therefore, it has been termed as a rogue store. This automatically implies that the store is not good for ordering drugs.

Euroking-gear.com Coupon Codes

EuroKing-Gear is giving out free shipping to all of the customers who have ordered products over 600$. The pharmacy has been disappointing in all of the previous sections and when it comes to the discounts portion, it disappointed me the most. This drugstore has undoubtedly become the prime example of being the most useless online pharmacy.

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As a new customer to a pharmacy’s website, everyone looks forward to seeing various discounts offered whether those are in the form of cut prices, free pills or free shipping. The presence of even any one of these makes a huge difference in the total sales as this ensures the customers that they are taking the right step to choosing the given pharmacy. Absence or minimal discounts creates a clear impression that the pharmacy is costly and is up for eating money.


EuroKing-Gear.com has raised a number of suspicions in my mind about its authenticity. I found the layout of this pharmacy quite confusing and it was difficult to find information on it. The medicines were moderately expensive and the only discount the store offers is a free delivery. Even this offer is not applicable on all orders and only complies with those with a net worth more than 600 US Dollars, a huge sum that at least I am not ready to spend on an online website in one go. There were a few reviews about this store posted online which said how the company took the money from the customers but never sent them the products. Because of these reasons, I am forced to give Euro King Gear 1 out of 5. I have high doubts about the legitimacy of this store so, I would request the customers not to buy ED drugs from here.