Good-drugs.com Review – Tempting Shop which Lied About Having a 7-year Age

Today, I am tasked to review this , whose name is “Online Pharmacy” but has a domain name of Good-drugs.com. It’s not my first time encountering the looks of Good Drugs/Online Pharmacy. In fact, the shop has a façade similar to several virtual drugstores I’ve paid a visit during the past. Sites with similar shop templates somehow exist for one main supplier, and some online stores state that they are merely marketing affiliates of some bigger store. However, in the case of Good Drugs, the shop did not state if it is an affiliate website, although it is obvious that the store’s another affiliate due to its stereotypical layout.

I couldn’t find any clues pertaining to the history of this store’s operation, although Good-drugs.com states that it is already on its 7th year to date. Despite the separate “About Us” section of this store, the shop still did not have the necessary information concerning its location, its founder, or other tangible minutiae for its operations. The supposed informational area only stated that Good pills is a company striving for constant improvement, with products of mainly generic drugs and a claim of 100% delivery. Good Pills exists for consumer satisfaction, and according to the shop, it’s what buyers should expect from the store. However, searching the store, I found out that Good-drugs.com is a part of the EuroPharm Group located in the Czech Republic.

There’s nothing new or something that would set apart Good-drugs.com from its contemporaries, especially when it comes to the products. The store had the archetypal products available—birth control meds, cholesterol meds, depression meds, diabetes meds, erectile dysfunction meds, general health meds, and other products typically found in online shops. However, amongst the cloud of meds on the shop, the highly-marketed products are Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Meldonium, Kamagra, Doxycycline, Amoxil, and others. Most of the promoted meds on Good-drugs.com are from the erectile dysfunction category, so it seems that the shop deems these meds are highly sought after by the buyers. You can have any of the products on Good-drugs.com, whether OTC or prescription, as long as you’re aged 18 and up. The store does not ask for prescriptions, so you can have the meds even if you don’t have your prescription with you.

Generic Viagra is sold on Good-drugs.com for $36.57 for a bunch of 10, 100 mg pills, generic Cialis’ price is similar at $35.53 for 10 pills of the 20 mg variant, while generic Levitra’s price is slightly higher than the two at $40.26 for a batch of 10, 20 mg pills. Good-drugs.com accepts payments in Bitcoin, payments from credit cards (MasterCard and VISA), and E-check payments.

As for shipping, the fee charged by Good-drugs.com is slightly higher than the other sites for the typical Airmail option; Good Pills asks for roughly $15 for the fee, plus a delivery insurance of roughly $7 for assured reshipments. In the case of delivery problems, buyers are advised to contact Good-drugs.com for their refunds or reshipments using the toll-free numbers on the store. Good-drugs’ customer support team is allegedly online 24/7, but in case they’re not, you can use the shop’s email function integration to send a message.

Good-drugs.com Reviews

Reviews are a good gauge of a certain store’s integrity. To see whether the shop Good-drugs.com is a good find, I tried to locate existing buyer reviews for its service from reliable independent websites (forums, review platforms). Unfortunately, none of them seem to carry consumer feedback for Good Pills.

image2 7

I was able to find several on-site comments for Good-drugs.com, though. These comments, however, are unreliable, because they were only posted on the shop. Even if the buyers mention their receipt of the products and how pleased they were of the store’s service, I can’t guarantee the authenticity of these consumer comments since they may be merely orchestrated by the pharmacy to get more sales.

Good-drugs.com Reviews 2017

I had to look for more present reviews for Good Pills, but the shop did not have present-day evaluations from its former clients. I find it unusual, though, that a shop with a 7-year selling experience had not one buyer praise its service. Either the shop’s lying about its age or that it’s just too unpopular to gain reviews.

image1 7

To evaluate the store further, I did a check with Scam Adviser. I got data from the platform, although the report for the store was not good. Scam Adviser gave a low trust rating for Good Drugs (0 out of 100) and the store was identified by the platform as a “rogue” online pharmacy with a hidden location, links to suspicious websites, and with an age of only a year. The shop did not have a 7-year service; it merely claimed it had 7 years despite its actual 1-year age.

image4 6

Good-drugs.com also had records on Scamner.com, another platform. The result for the domain was similar with Scam Adviser’s finding, though; Good Drugs was only given a 0/100 score overall, and its buyers were not advised to use the store due to the risks associated with the domain.

Good-drugs.com Coupon Codes

Free pills are awarded by Good Drugs to its buyers, regardless of order amount. Free Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills are shipped with every buyer’s order as a bonus from the website.

image3 7

As for other promos, Good-drugs.com ships orders for free via Airmail if they exceed $200, and the store ships orders without charge via Express shipping too, when the order amount exceeds $300.


Affiliate marketing websites and clone sites are rampant on the web, and I believe I also spotted one in the person of Good-drugs.com. The store had a similar template with several other online pharmacies I’ve visited, and it also had the same content.

Good-drugs.com is tempting due to its low prices, delivery guarantee, and its no-Rx policy. However, I do not recommend shopping for your meds here as the store did not have concrete buyer reviews from third-party sites. Also, the store lied about its age and posted probably fake comments for its service. Overall, the score I would like to confer to the store is a mere 2 in a scale of 5.