Indiagenericmeds.net Review – Store Showcasing Low Prices but No Reviews Despite 9 Years of Service

Indiagenericmeds.net has its store named as “Trusted Tablets”, which is quite different from the shop’s actual store name. It has not surprised me that another store’s domain is not parallel to its store name because it is common in web pharmacies to have their domains different from their actual store name. I have seen the name “Trusted Tablets” in more than a dozen virtual drugstores, so I guessed that the store is another affiliate marketing website—it was confirmed, though, that the shop is indeed an affiliate. Although the store is online, I had trouble accessing the shop using my browser, as my anti-malware kept on blocking the store due to threats of malware from the store.

Indiagenericmeds.net states that it is already in its 9th year in the business and that its products come from Indian FDA approved manufacturers. One of the hallmark policies on online pharmacies is the no-Rx policy. Some online pharmacies practice dispensing meds to consumers without prescriptions, but not India Generic Meds/Trusted Tablets. I was expecting the store to have the same no-Rx needed policy, but the shop actually requires its buyers to submit their prescriptions for their prescription orders.

Concerning the products offered on the store, the shop has products for various clinical uses—India Generic meds sells drugs for diabetes, sexual health, mental health, infections, skin care, and several others. However, the products commonly bought by buyers from the store include generic versions of Lasix, Cipro, Cialis, Priligy, Viagra, Nolvadex, and other products from famed manufacturers. These meds are sold at cheap prices as the store aims to offer affordable meds to its consumers.

As for the erectile dysfunction products, India Generic Meds offers the generic analogs for the impotence meds in various dosages. Generic Viagra alone is offered in increasing doses starting from 25 mg, with the highest dose of 200 mg. Generic Cialis is also sold by Indiagenericmeds.net from 10 mg to 60 mg. Generic Viagra 100 mg is sold by India Generic Meds at $29.95 for 10 pills, while Generic Cialis 20 mg is sold by the store at a minimum amount of $34.95 for 10 pills.

The shipping fee charged by Indiagenericmeds.net is $10 for the regular shipping and $30 for the express shipping. The express shipping takes up to 9 days, while the standard shipping takes up to 21 days. These shipping fees will be paid along with the buyer orders, and the store only accepts credit card payments, although the store did not state which credit cards are honored by the store.

If your orders are damaged or went missing during transit, the store promises to refund the payments or reship the items. Buyers are advised to contact the shop’s support team using the phone numbers on the store and its contact page.


Indiagenericmeds.net Reviews

For every web pharmacy I visit, I try my best to search for reviews pertinent to the store at hand. In the case of India Generic Meds, although I scoured the web for pharmacy reviews for the store, I still ended up with nothing. The shop, though, had its own on-site reviews from alleged customers.

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Although the reviews for the store are all positive, such as the reviews from “Brian”, “DN” and “Mike” are all positive, I am doubtful about the authenticity of these reviews because they are the exact same comments I’ve witnessed on several virtual pharmacies. These are merely copied testimonials and are present in various stores with the same “Trusted Tablets” name.

Indiagenericmeds.net Reviews 2017

Still, no 2016-dated reviews are present on India Generic Meds, and because of this, I tried searching for India Generic Meds’ records in various web platforms such as Legit Script and Scam Adviser:

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Checking India Generic Meds’ status on Legit Script, I found out that the store was actually classified as a ROGUE internet pharmacy. Indiagenericmeds.net was allegedly created on 2014 and was from Holland. According to Legit Script, rogue online stores are known to violate legislations when it comes to selling prescriptions and also are non-adherent to the standards of medical or pharmacy practice.

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The web pharmacy was also discovered by Scam Adviser to have a ROGUE pharmacy rating. According to the more detailed report, the shop’s real location is hidden by the store, as Indiagenericmeds.net was linked with a number of suspicious websites. Malware reports were also identified for Indiagenericmeds.net, which makes the site all the more dubious.

Indiagenericmeds.net Coupon Codes

India Generic Meds offers up to 20 free pills to its buyers, but the store requires a certain number of pill purchases before it awards the freebie pills. You have to purchase at least 20 pills to get 4 pills free, and as your order increases in quantity so does your freebie pills.

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Indiagenericmeds.net also allows its consumers to cut their shipping costs, but only when they order more than $150 worth of items.


India Generic Meds sells mostly generic analogs for brand name medications and indeed offers affordable prices for the products available on its domain. I like the shop’s economical products which enable buyers to save, but I am quite disappointed that the store does not have reviews for its service.

I think buyers should be looking for other online pharmacies to consider since online pharmacies and stores without reviews are always risky to transact with. I am rating Indiagenericmeds.net 2 out of 5.