Iservepharmacy.com Review – Scam Store which Redirects to Another Web Pharmacy

Added to the long list of online pharmacies mushrooming the web is this generic-selling shop, Iservepharmacy.com. It’s actually crazy visiting this shop because I can’t access the website properly—there was a popup with a question (30+10=?) which is supposed to verify if I am human or not. After correctly answering the question, I was suddenly redirected to Cheap-rx.com, another online pharmacy which may be affiliated with this Iservepharmacy.com. If I don’t answer the question, the popup never ceased bothering me while I was browsing the store. To get more details for Iservepharmacy.com without being constantly redirected to Cheap-Rx, I had to endure the glaring popup on my screen.

Iservepharmacy.com, according to its information, is an online escrow service, which teams up with various ground pharmacies in order to render adequate service to its consumers. I Serve Pharmacy overtly stated that it is not a pharmacy, but is merely a broker for buyers and ground pharmacies with low-cost generic and brand-name medicines. IservePharmacy assures its clients that all of the products accessible in the store are approved by the local Food and Drug Administration, as well as the World Health Organization.

Products offered by I Serve Pharmacy include only meds for erectile dysfunction, but the store states that it has over 500+ medications listed on the store. Generic analogs for Viagra, Cialis, and Levita are the ones present in the store; however, the shop does not have prices for the products, only information about their indications and function. I now understood why Iservepharmacy.com redirects to Cheap-Rx—Iservepharmacy.com is no longer functioning as an online pharmacy and forwards consumers to the fully functional Cheap Rx drugstore instead. However, I caught a glimpse of the old product ads for Iservepharmacy.com on the store and discovered that it sold generic Viagra for as low as $0.50 per pill, generic Cialis for as low as $1.02 per pill, and generic Levitra for as low as $1.30 per pill.

Shipping fees charged by Iservepharmacy.com to its clients are not discussed, but the shop offered two shipping options for the clients—the regular shipping and the Express shipping. Regular shipping takes up to 25 business days, while the Express option takes up to 10 business days. Since the shop now redirects to Cheap Rx, I checked the shipping charged by Cheap Rx is $10 per order.

On the other hand, Iservepharmacy.com previously accepted payments via VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard. Concerning missing products, the shop was able to do refunds and replacements for missing items.

Although the shop has a phone number and advertises a “live chat support”, the live chat button is actually non-functional. I think I Serve Pharmacy has truly moved to Cheap Rx.

Iservepharmacy.com Reviews

Iservepharmacy.com has one review for its past service and the post was from Richard Thompson in July 2011. This is the comment from the shop’s former buyer:

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According to Richard, I Serve Pharmacy was the “worst online pharmacy” and that the shop was a scam store. Richard, though, did not include the details on why the shop was a scam store. He rated the store 1 out of 5 and warned other buyers about the shop’s illicit activities.

Iservepharmacy.com Reviews 2017

Because the store redirects to another site, I believe that it is no longer an active pharmacy. Due to this present status of IservePharmacy, there are no reviews available for Iservepharmacy.com for 2016 and for the present year. In order to view more details for Iservepharmacy.com, I used the platform Scamner.com, one analysis site to unearth more data for Iservepharmacy.com not available on review and third-party websites.

image4 11

The overall rating for I Serve Pharmacy is 10/100 and this is due to the website’s lack of an SSL certificate which ensures the consumers’ data during the checkout process. The shop’s domain will also be expiring in 2 months, so the store may be closing down in a few months’ time.

The server for this store is located in Russia, but the shop’s address is actually found in the Netherlands. Overall, the store is deemed as an unsafe location for buyer needs when it comes to prescriptions.

Iservepharmacy.com Coupon Codes

There are former offers for clients on I Serve Pharmacy and I saw 10% and 15% off discounts for consumers and 20 to 30% extra pills for buyers starting with their second orders from the online store. Consumers with 5th-time orders are given the highest discounts (15% off the cash price and 30% extra pills).

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Iservepharmacy.com also previously offered a price guarantee for its products and stated that if the buyers were able to find online pharmacies (belonging to the same category as I Serve Pharmacy) with lower prices, the store was able to give the buyers a 5% discount for their order.


Iservepharmacy.com is an online pharmacy which now redirects to another web pharmacy, Cheap-Rx.com. The shop is now empty and does not have products to sell, so I am positive that the shop is nearly closing.

Only one review was available for I Serve Pharmacy for its past service, and the buyer mentioned that the store was a scam site which other consumers should avoid. Present reviews for Iservepharmacy.com are not available, but its Scamner.com rating is low and details unraveled that the shop’s domain registry is expiring in 2 months. Overall, my grade for this store is 1 out of 5.