Kiwidrug.com Review – Use the Store with Caution Despite its Good Feedbacks

Kiwidrug.com is an online pharmacy with its service primarily directed at New Zealand clients. According to the shop’s information, the store has been around for long, which is quite true—records for the store date as early as 2007, although the shop may have started its service earlier. Kiwi Drug is “backed” or affiliated with an actual ground pharmacy, which, the store states, has been running for 40-plus years. Kiwi Drug, though, did not state which ground pharmacy it is affiliated with. Kiwidrug.com mentions that clients can save up to 50% more in choosing the shop for the meds, compared to local drugstore prices.

Although the store, Kiwidrug.com is considered an online pharmacy, the shop also supplies clients with non-pharmaceutical products such as beauty items, cosmetic products, and various others. Over-the-counter and prescription meds are accessible in the store. Kiwi Drug features and “online doctor” function, which allows the buyers to order any prescription drug on the store, without needing to present the appropriate prescriptions for the products. Kiwi Drug has licensed doctors reviewing the medical health form submitted by the clients and these doctors issue prescriptions whenever necessary. This means that buyers can order birth control products, sexual health pills, hair loss medications, hormone supplements, and various Rx products without needing to personally consult their doctors.

You can find various products on Kiwidrug.com, as the shop has a wide spectrum of meds available on the shop. Meds for various needs such as allergies, colds, pain relief, smoking cessation, chronic illnesses, and general health concerns are available on Kiwi Drug. Since meds for sexual health are also available, I checked if the shop has meds for impotence and indeed, Kiwidrug.com has several choices for the buyers. Besides the iconic Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Eli Lilly), and Levitra (Bayer), Kiwi drug also has Caverject and Caverject Impulse kits, Casodex, Avodart, and others. Generic and brand-name choices are also available on Kiwidrug.com, so the buyers had the liberty to decide if they want the original impotence products or if they wish to try the cheaper alternatives. The minimum purchase for Cialis (generic) on Kiwidrug.com is $29.99 for 10 tablets (20 mg), while the minimum purchase for generic Viagra is $39.44 for 4 tablets (100 mg).

Not all products are shipped out of New Zealand, but the store states that where the products come from. According to Kiwi Drug, its products are sometimes shipped out of its affiliate international pharmacy in the United Kingdom.

As for payments, the store accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and AMEX payments.

Shipping is free for orders above $100, but Kiwi Drug charges $7.23 for orders unable to reach the $100 mark. In the case of non-arrival of orders more or less a month after the shipment of the items, the buyers can request for free reshipments.

For other concerns, you may reach Kiwidrug.com using its phone numbers or by using its integrated messaging function at one section of the store.

Kiwidrug.com Reviews

I was rather surprised at the popularity of Kiwi Drug, as the store was able to acquire buyer reviews for its service from several online platforms. There were client comments available on Pharmaciesreview.com and even on Trustpilot.com, indicative of the shop’s popularity with clients. The testimonials for the store were mixed, though—some buyers commended the store for a job well done, and some ranted due to its failings.

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Jess Hennis rated Kiwidrug.com 5/5 and mentioned how satisfied he was with the shop’s performance. He cited that he will reorder from the store and will use it for “years to come”.

John Tourtellote also gave Kiwi Drug a perfect score because of its “best service and quality”. John said that he will recommend the store to his family and friends.

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Although the Trustpilot reviews for Kiwidrug.com were more recent, I can’t keep my eyes from the bad reviews the store gained over the years. Kiwi Drug also had a bunch of negative reviews from its clients—some complained of no-show packages from the store, incomplete orders, and impolite staff. Pharmacies Review comments for Kiwidrug.com were mostly complaints from clients who were unable to receive their orders and were mistreated by the shop’s assistants.

Kiwidrug.com Reviews 2017

The reviews for Kiwidrug.com on Trustpilot were good—most recent testimonials for Kiwi Drug were only days old. Most of them (if not all) were also 5-star ratings. Overall, Kiwi Drug gained 9 out of 10 on Trustpilot, it had a total of 347 reviews for its service.

image5 5 

CG gave Kiwidrug.com 5/5 due to its reliability. According to CG, he’s been a regular of the shop and he stayed because of the store’s “reliable and excellent service”.

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Lindsay Nichols also gave Kiwidrug.com a perfect score. According to her, though, the shipping for her items took a while, but her orders eventually arrived.

Greg Howard also rated Kiwi Drug excellent because the store proved worthy of trust in the past years and the shop also had great prices for its products compared to exorbitant ground pharmacy prices.

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Claudia Newkirk highly recommends Kiwi Drug because of its excellent service and its affordable prices. According to her, she’s always given a tracking number for her order and her items always arrived within a few days.

On the other hand, Susan Bavis also commended the shop for being able to deliver every single time, and also for its good prices.

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Kiwi Drug, though, was threat listed despite its good reviews from clients. The store did have a decent popularity, but the shop was still identified to have a rogue rating. Its age was also 11 years, which was longer than most online drugstore lifetimes.

Kiwidrug.com Coupon Codes

Kiwi Drug offers a limited time coupon, JUNE17, which enables the buyers to save 20% off on all their orders.

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The shop also encourages Facebook likes for buyers to get a 10% discount on their next purchases. Free shipping is also given by the store for orders exceeding $100.


Kiwi Drug is a shop with a long service history. While it had numerous online comments, the store also had a considerable amount of complaints about its service during the past years. Although the recent reviews are positive for Kiwidrug.com, I think you should still deal with this store with caution. I am rating Kiwi Drug 3 out of 5.