Medstore-online.co Review – High Minimum Order Amount—Not an Ideal Shop for Test Orders

Medstore-online.co claims to be the “best pharmacy online”, though it is not technically classified as an online pharmacy. Medstore-online.co is an internet broker, or an intermediary site, a website which processes buyer orders and forwards the orders to a ground pharmacy or dispensary with supposed licensed pharmacists. According to Med Store, the pharmacies linked to its service are “fully licensed” and are operating in strict acquiescence of the FDA regulations. Medstore-online.co offers its clients fast shipping, best prices, high-quality products, and guaranteed deliveries, which are supposed to assure clients of good service.

Medicines available on Med Store Online involve products for allergies, anxiety, depression, sexual health, obesity, and other general health concerns and disorders. The meds on Medstore-online.co are mostly from India, and since 2009, the shop served its clients from the USA, the UK, Australia, and European countries. Medstore-online.co did not state if its products are approved by the FDA, but the meds on the store from acclaimed Indian manufacturers are technically with approvals from the Indian FDA. There was no mention concerning the Rx policies of the store, so we can assume that the meds sold on Medstore-online.co do not require prescriptions. However, the shop offers “free prescriptions” to its clients, although Med Store Online did not expound on this “free prescription” policy.

Unlike the other online drugstores, Med Store Online did not have any best-sellers published in its domain, but the store markets its Somaldril on its main page. Since impotence meds are increasingly abundant on the web, I checked if Medstore-online.co has generic Viagra and generic Cialis alternatives, and the shop had only generic, no-brand Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil and nothing else. Med Store Online sells India-made Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg for $115 for 30 tablets and generic Tadalafil (Tadaga) for $88 for 30 tablets of the 100 mg pills. Medstore-online.co only has Tafalafil (generic Cialis) in 20 mg, and the shop sells the product for $129 for 60 tablets. You can pay for these impotence meds, as well as other items using E-checks, bank wire transfers, and even Bitcoin payments.

Concerning shipping, the shop asks for $30 for the Airmail shipping, and the store does not have any other shipping option besides the slow Airmail option. I asked if the shop caters to Asian countries, like for instance, Hong Kong, but according to the store assistant, it only ships its items to the UK, the USA, and European countries.

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Buyers can claim refunds for their products if they have received faulty items, wrong items, or if their orders did not arrive. The store warns the buyers against chargebacks and advises its clients to contact the shop first before attempting to do chargebacks to their credit card companies.

To contact Medstore-online.co, you may use its live chat support option or its phone numbers available on the store.

Medstore-online.co Reviews

I am for reviews when it comes to online shops, as they mark a shop’s integrity. Medstore-online.co did not have external comments from web review platforms, but it dedicated a section for on-site reviews.

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According to “Ms Penny”, she was a regular at Medstore Online and she was happy with the products received from the store. She mentioned her intent to use the shop again for her needs.

Marlene Baumann also expressed her liking for Medstore-online.co and according to her, it was because of the store’s prompt shipping, and high grade products.

Kim Heinz also commended the shop’s medicines, but also praised the customer service from Medstore-online.co and said that the support team is excellent (A+++).

Jonathan, like “Ms Penny”, was a regular of Med Store online (he’s been med shopping on Medstore-online.co for 6+ months). Like the others, he appreciated the products and the customer support team very much, so much that he declared Medstore-online.co as his favorite website.

Despite all the good things spoken about Medstore-online.co, it is still unsure if these comments were real because they were only found on the shop’s testimonials page. On-site reviews, though amusing to read, are unreliable and may be compromised to some degree.

Medstore-online.co Reviews 2017

The same on-site testimonials are only the ones available for Medstore Online. The comments for the store are dated recently, and they all are from clients grateful for the shop’s service.

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Despite Medstore-online’s good on-site comments, these comments should not be relied upon due to their on-site nature. It is quite easy for online stores to manipulate built-in comments for its service, and for all I know, these comments might as well be fabricated. However, to some degree, these consumer reports may be true, but it is not verifiable if all of them or only a part of them are genuine consumer feedbacks.

Medstore-online.co Coupon Codes

Medstore Online provides discounts for clients using E-checks and Bitcoin for payments. According to this website banner, the store offers a 15% discount for its clients using Bitcoin as payment.

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E-check payments, on the other hand, are given $15 discount by Medstore-online.co, although I was unable to locate any discussion for this promotional offer from the store.


The shop Medstore Online sells exclusively to clients located in the US, the UK, Australia, and Europe, which cuts short its supply of customers from non-included countries. To me, Medstore-online.co is not quite a loss for other clients, since the store has expensive prices even for its generic products. The minimum purchase quantity on the store is high and unlike the other online shops which offer at least 4 to 10 pills minimum for buyers just looking to test the waters. I suggest trying other online stores for your Rx needs due to this store’s high prices and present no-review status. My grade for Medstore is 2 out of 5.