Order-prescriptions.com Review – Don’t Shop from This Duplicitous Online Pharmacy

Order-prescriptions.com is a drug store I toured on the Internet of recent. I realized almost immediately that the store sells mostly generic medicines. There is a slogan, front, and center on the homepage, entreating visitors to order generic Gabapentin, Fioricet, and Tizanidine. Underneath, I learned that all affiliated pharmacies have a US license and FDA approval, which I believe makes it a US-based vendor. The site has been in existence since 2006.

I couldn’t get any information about this pharmacy’s policy regarding prescriptions. That information is usually available on an online pharmacy’s FAQ tab. I couldn’t find any tab of the sort on Order-prescriptions.com. So, I assumed that these meant prescriptions aren’t required. The omission of a means of filling in prescriptions on the checkout page subsequently confirmed it.

Even though the slogan above highlighted Fioricet, Gabapentin, and Tizanidine, I soon came to find medications like Acyclovir, Topamax, Methocarbamol, Venlafaxine, and Viagra. Order Prescriptions does not offer much else. Compared to other online drug sellers, theirs is certainly not the most eclectic catalog online. 90 tablets of the 20mg generic sildenafil(Viagra) in stock cost 199 US dollars.

I proceeded to look for payment information. Since there are no FAQs, I had to wait until the checkout page to find out that this vendor only accepts payment with a money order upon delivery. No Credit Cards. No eCheck. It makes that clear enough in the disclaimer at the bottom of the checkout page. There is no discernible shipping method. I had to wait for feedback after filling in my billing address and completing the general questionnaire.

While I waited, I tried calling the toll-free number provided at the top of the homepage. No answer.

Order-prescriptions.com Reviews

Afterward, I sought the opinions of previous customers on Order-prescriptions.co. I usually get to read those opinions and recommendations in a section of a given store dedicated to reviews or testimonials. This drug store hasn’t got one. If it had one, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see favorable opinions and recommendations. Most online pharmacies follow the general pattern of including flattering reviews to boost their profile and attract new customers. From experience, I explore the availability of such reviews on a store with the possibility of bias in mind. Since there were no available reviews for Order-prescriptions.com, I decided to search the website. I didn’t find separate reviews for this pharmacy on the Internet. If I had found separate reviews, I would have been able to get an honest sense of the safety and reliability of the store.

Order-prescriptions.com Reviews 2017

So, I found neither old reviews nor fresh reviews on the store or outside of it. Earlier reviews are more likely to provide insight into challenges an online store may have had to overcome at the time they were written.

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Maybe the store went on a hiatus, or maybe it changed its name. It could also be that its shipping services were limited or its payment methods were unpopular. Fresh reviews, on the other hand, deal with the current situation and could be the difference between buying or declining. All of this information was unavailable, so I sought help from online scam detectives, LegitScript and Scamadviser.

image2 15

Legitscript.com’s report labeled Order-prescriptions.com an unapproved Internet pharmacy website casting doubt on the veracity of the website’s claims to the contrary. Scamadviser.com assigned the pharmacy a Low Trust Rating and suggested the site may be insecure. It also revealed that although site appears to be based in the US, its real location is being hidden. This information along with the unavailability of reviews made me decide to shun this pharmacy.

Order-prescriptions.com Coupon Codes

My distaste for this vendor was deepened by my inability to locate discount coupons, or for that matter, any discounts at all. I have no idea what the pharmacy’s management was thinking when they decided that their online pharmacy was compelling enough to do without discounts. You would think that their years of experience should have thought them a thing or two about marketing and customer service. Many of their competitors are thriving because they paid attention to the finer details of running an online pharmacy. They provide discount coupons, offer attractive percentage discounts off the given price for a first purchase, and provide free shipping beyond a certain amount of medicines. No wonder Order-prescriptions.com is behind the pack.


In the end, I wasn’t thrilled to learn about the service provided by Order-prescriptions.com. This vendor claimed to be based in the US and affiliated with pharmacies approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Subsequent investigation revealed that the reallocation is being disguised. Duplicitous. This pharmacy provides a small collection of generic drugs in too few categories. The only erectile dysfunction medicine I was able to find is generic Viagra. I was disappointed to learn that the only available payment option is Money Order on delivery – a less secure and less popular payment method compared to Credit Cards. No discounts whatsoever either. LegitScript and Scamadviser gave Order-prescriptions.com assessments of Unapproved Internet Pharmacy and Low Trust Rating respectively. This is in addition to non-existent reviews. I will seek out and shop on more reputable online pharmacies. I give Order-prescriptions.com 1 out of 5 stars.