Review – Untrustworthy E-pharmacy With Negative Customer Reviews is one of those online pharmaceutical sites which literally have minimum information on display. There is no mention of where the physical store is located or how long the pharmacy has been in business. The overall ambiance of the site was pretty cool and had me feeling like a real professional pharmacy. However, after browsing through the site and finding the least information, I wasn’t impressed by the site.

The e-pharmacy sells a wide assortment of drugs. These include drugs for men’s and women’s health, skin care, antibiotics, hair loss, pain relief, blood pressure, weight loss and so on. Viagra, sold by the trade name Sildenafil is available at the lowest price of 0.63 USD per 100mg pill. Moreover, the site does not specify if their medications are FDA approved or not and whether there is a need of prescription while . offers 2 types of delivery services for customers including Express delivery and Regular delivery. Customers can avail Express delivery in 29.95 USD and get hold of their package within 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, if the customers want to opt for Regular delivery, they can get their medications delivered in 15-25 days. Customers who choose regular delivery have to pay comparatively less shipping fee of 19.95 USD. The only payment method specified on the site is through Visa Card.

The online pharmacy does not offer any payback to customers if the package has been lost or damaged after dispatcher. If, however, the customer wants a reship, he has to pay for the shipment himself. Moreover, if the customer wants a refund, he pays a fee for money transfer.

Visitors are provided a toll-free number on the site which they can use to get further information. They can also message the customer service or query them through live chat. I opted for the messaging service but it turned out to be non-functional, at least for me. Reviews

The e-pharmacy’s website does not have a testimonials section and there were not a lot of independent online reviews I could find about However, I did find out a single review on a third-party pharmacy reviews site, which is, nonetheless, more valued considering the fact that the review has been posted on an independent site and not on the vendor’s own domain.

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In the review posted by a user meds3, which supposedly looks like a pseudonym, he seems to be very much disappointed by the company’s amenities. The user briefly described his experience of ordering from the site in which he says that he didn’t get the required medications that he had ordered. He also advised fellow customers to “not order” from the e-pharmacy and called it a fraud site.

Anyhow, the review clearly dictates the reputation of the vendor and it is somehow quite clear from a single comment that the online pharmacy is not trustworthy and users should avoid dealing with the site. Reviews 2016

Since there were no online reviews available for, I had to rely on various scam analysis platforms, results of which are discussed later in this section.

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Scam Adviser identified a long list of issues associated with the site. These issues include the detection of high-risk malware on the site making it unsafe to use by customers, the operation of the site is done from a server supposedly hosting a lot of suspicious activities and the association of a high-risk country with the site. The scam report has also specified the site as being a rogue pharmacy. The site also has a very low trust rating of 0% with the identification that the site “may not be safe to use”.

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Similarly, Legit Script also identified the site as a rogue pharmacy and pointed out pretty much the same results as the previous reports. This means that the online pharmacy is unreliable and should be avoided dealing with. Coupon Codes certainly does not provide a lot of discount deals that would help customers in saving some money. The shopping cart tab allows customers to apply for a coupon code, however, no further detail is provided on the page as to where can these coupon codes be found or what is the procedure for applying etc. The e-pharmacy also provides free extra pills every time a customer comes back and orders from them again., like many online pharmacies, offers discounted per pill rates at large orders. For instance, 20 pills of Sildenafil are available at a price of 2.10 USD for a pill. Same concentration pill is available at a price of 0.63 USD if ordered in an amount of 160 pills.

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Apart from the above-discussed discount deals, the online pharmacy does not offer any more such deals for customers to avail. For a customer’s perspective, therefore, might not be a very favorable option as potential buyers are attracted the most by such deals.

Conclusion is definitely a website with prices affordable for an average customer but it seems pretty clear now by the scam analysis reports, customer service and most importantly, by the user reviews that online pharmacy is not a very good option for customers who are willing to get affordable genuine drugs.

With unspecified information about the quality of drugs, does not even provide any attractive discount deals which the customers could avail. Conclusively, there’s almost not a single plus point that would influence me to go buy from the pharmacy and that is the reason I think that the site deserves a rating of 2 out of 5.

About the Author: Abraham Marshall