Steroids-usa.org Review – Not Legitimate Enough to Buy ED Drugs

Steroids-Usa.org is an online pharmacy based in the United States of America and sells different types of steroids on an international level. The primary focus of this store is to provide steroids to the American population. Steroids USA claims that it has a great experience in selling drugs online as the company has been existing on the internet for the past 5 years. One unique factor about this company is that it works every day and can be accessed by the customers on weekends. An absolute discretion is observed in all the orders placed at SteroidsUSA. The drug store takes pride in the fact that it has an excellent corporation system and consumer program in order to provide good service to its clients. It is said that more than two hundred different kinds of steroids manufactured by different companies can be purchased from Steroids-Usa. The drug categories available at this store include oral steroids, weight loss, testosterone, injectable steroids, post cycle therapies, syringes and needles, steroid mix vials and much more. The store is very sensitive about its operation and claims to actually take care of its reputation by taking care of the customers.

The shipping service is currently provided to the US citizens and the European countries including Germany, New Zealand, France, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. All the orders are shipped from Central Europe and take 7 to 20 days in general, and up to 30 days at maximum to reach the USA. 3 to 5 working days are required to ship within Europe, the time can extend up to 10 days for most of the countries. No specification has been provided for the pricing of the shipping service. Payments can be made via Bank Wire and Visa Cards. The customer care service is poor as the company can only be contacted by sending an email. There is no contact number or live chat available.

Steroids-usa.org Reviews

Steroids-Usa.org entertains a lot of short reviews made by the customers. Jon F. has said in his review that the store provides a “great customer service”. The comment also said that it had a system for “speedy problem solving”.

Steven R. said that he was a “loyal customer” to Steroids USA who has just received another “great order”. He regarded the products and prices as “great”.

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Robert E. mentioned in his review that he received his drugs in “non-descript package”. The only concern that the customer had was that he had to “sign up” for it. He also said that he missed the delivery but faced no problem at all in picking it up from the USPS. Jay K. called the website as “legit” and said that he would be back for sure.

The comments about the store are quite positive and depict the positive side of the store. However, these comments are restricted to the official website of Steroids USA only which does not account for the authenticity of these comments. Hence, I would need to have more proof before rendering this store as a good store.

Steroids-usa.org Reviews 2016

Sterouds-Usa.org has also received a few reviews in the year 2016. One of the customers named Marino D. said that the store had a “very good coordination”. Gregory B. rendered this store as “awesome” and said that he would buy from here now onwards. Kane C. has mentioned in his review that they have “really good products” that provides “quick delivery”. He also said that the people were “great” to work with.  

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Jonathan C. gave a short comment saying that he found the company “fast” and “legit”. Lastly, the comment made by another customer called Steroids USA as “legit” as well as “effective”. He also said that the personal communication provided by the store was “great”. The customer was so pleased that he called himself as a “committed” customer.


Scamadviser has given a bad rating to Steroids USA, saying that the website is based in Romania and possesses a high risk of danger. Therefore, the customers are not advised to buy from here.

Steroids-usa.org Coupon Codes

Steroids-Usa has provided a chance to its customers to avail discounts. However, I could not clearly understand the strategy by which this discount was offered. It seems like the pharmacy has set a limit to the net worth of every order in order to avail free shipping.


Moreover, it also seems to give loyalty points to the customers which can be converted into vouchers for availing discounts. For example, 24 loyalty points allow the customers to get 4.80 US Dollars off on the order placed on Steroids USA.


Steroids-Usa.org can be regarded as a poor website that does not have any legitimate reviews about its operation. The only reviews I could find were posted on its own website, hence, they can be discarded as authentic reviews. The discount policy given at Steroids USA is confusing as I was not able to fully grasp its concept. Scamadviser says that this store is based in Romania and is a high-risk store for buying drugs. Because I was unable to find any reviews that supported Steroids USA as a trustworthy pharmacy, I will stick with the judgment of Scamadviser and give it 1 out of 5. I will also ask the customers not to buy ED drugs from here.