Universaldrugstore.com Review – An Online Vendor Looking Suspicious

UniversalDrugStore.com claims to be a web store that provides prescriptions on an international level and also forms contracts with various pharmacies, both Canadian as well as international. It is said to be a leading store that sells both prescriptions as well as non-prescription drugs to the customers throughout the world. The mission of Universal Drug Store is to provide cheap medicines to all those customers who are tired of buying expensive medicines from the local store and are looking for alternatives. UniversalDrugStore promises to provide a healthcare service to be relied upon. Latest technologies are used to process orders quickly and accurately. The company also takes extra care to treat every customer with respect and his order is duly processed and delivered. The ultimate goal of UniversalDrugStore is customer satisfaction. The store has an approval from Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The main assortments of Universal Drug Store are vast and include pet care, allergy, antibiotics, sexual health, acne, Alzheimer’s and much more.

For ordering, the customers need to present a valid prescription to the store. Payments can be made by using Visa Card, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Cana PostExpedited Parcel Service is used to deliver drugs if the customer chooses not to avail the tracking option. For the rest of the orders, Canada Post Xpresspost is used. For international deliveries, a variety of services are used which are available in the respective countries. 7 US Dollars are charged extra for availing shipping facility. The customers can contact the store by calling at 1-866-456-2456 or faxing at 1-866-783-422. For international customers, another number is provided i.e. 001-204-255-9911. No live chat facility is available.

Universaldrugstore.com Reviews

UniversalDrugStore.com has received a few reviews on independent websites. Gus Yomor is a customer that has said that the pharmacy is “legitimate” and has “good prices” but at the same time, it is the “worst” in dealing. He called the customer service as “unhelpful” and “incompetent”. He also said that the company has “annoying delays” while answering the inquiries. MR was another customer who had not received his medicines yet but said that the website was “confusing” as the person who was processing his order was confused herself and was repeatedly doing mistakes.

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Steven Pvaolovski said in his review that he had ordered some medications from Universal Drug Store two months ago and he still has not received them. He also said that the “security certificate” of the site has been “revoked”. Another review called it “uncooperative” by saying that the company wasted time and rendered its communication as “bad”. Yet another review said that Universal Drug Store was “dishonest time waster” which denied the refills after keeping the customer busy in useless conversations for a long time. The last comment was totally opposite of others as the customer as “impressed” with the customer service of Universal Drug Store. The store was also regarded as the “cheapest”.

Universaldrugstore.com Reviews 2016

The reviews regarding UniversalDrugStore in 2016 were taken from the official website of the store. One comment was made by Adel F. Matar said that Universal Drug Store was “an undisputed champion” when it came to searching for the cheapest online store. He also said that the company is run by “knowledgeable and courteous people”.

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The other comment had been made by the mother of a three-year-old boy who used to have “seizures” and was prescribed a medicine that was available at the Universal Drug Store. The store was “easier to work with” and sent the required medications conveniently.

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Scamadviser has said that the UniversalDrugStore.com is a store based in Hong Kong. Its operation involves countries which possess a high risk of being scammers. The website has already been detected with several malware reports. Hence, it has been given a 3 percent rating and Scamadviser has advised the customers to stay away from it.

Universaldrugstore.com Coupon Codes

UniversalDrugStore seems that it did not care about the discounts department.

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The website is providing only free shipping and that too, on order above 100$. This means that the customers who want to order less amount of drugs will not be entertained in any way. This act could have been acceptable in a pharmacy with high trust rating, but a pharmacy with such a bad repute gives an impression that it wants to scam people by compelling them to start their orders from $100.


UniversalDrugStore.com faces a lot of problems. It sells drugs at extremely high prices which cannot be afforded easily by the majority of the customers. All the claims about the pharmacy are not supported by any proof. I found some reviews regarding this store on a third party website which were boldly telling how non-cooperative this store has been to them and how they are not going to order from them again.  Scamadvisor has its own doubts which say that the company is not based in Canada as it claims to be. In fact, it is operating from Hong Kong. The discounts are poor and only include free shipping delivery on orders above 100 US Dollars. I will give Universal Drug Store 1 out of 5 with a strict warning of staying away from this store for the customers’ own good.