Review – Online Pharmacy that Delivers Worldwide but No One Can Testify to It! is a Germany-based online pharmacy that offers and delivers prescription medicine anywhere around the globe. The best advertisement tagline of this online store is their ability to provide reliable international delivery and free regular mail delivery anywhere in the world.

This online pharmacy doesn’t have much information on their website. Their main focus is in marketing their products. No “About Us” section can be found that can tell us how long they have been operating so far.

Since I am looking to refill my ED prescription, I check the products that offers. According to information they have on site, they have high-quality medicines. I am eyeing their Viagra pills that cost $0.88 per pill when I decided to check the other drugs that they have. Their catalog also listed some anti- coagulants, anti- depressants, anti- asthma, weight loss, and anti- diabetic medicines. The website has the decency to advise customers though to consult their physician first prior to taking a certain medication. has two delivery options, express delivery and regular delivery. Express delivery means that ordered medicine arrives within 7-14 days upon order while regular delivery service takes 15-25 working days. Express delivery service costs $29.95 while regular delivery service costs $19.95. For customers who can wait up to 30 days for their order to arrive, they can opt to have the regular mail service for FREE. The downside of free regular mail service is that has no liability if the package gets lost or damaged. They call it “buyer’s discretion at their own risk”.

Sad as it is, did add a “Moneyback Policy” on their site and it states that they can do a refund only if the customer opted for trackable delivery service (Express delivery service for $29.99) and they received the wrong order. With a number of qualifiers in order to get a refund, I guess a customer needs to have a lot of patience in case they want to get a refund from this online pharmacy.

With the risk of possible inconvenience in case I will need a refund in the future, I started to wonder about the drugs that offers. Do they offer FDA approved medicines? has a “chat us” icon on their website but clicking it doesn’t do anything. With no luck, I tried checking on their “Contact Us” page and got this. I sent them my inquiry and waited for their reply to no avail.

image3 14

If you really want to reach them though, you can contact them at +1 (888) 228-2003. Reviews

One of my main considerations in choosing an online store is their reputation based on customer reviews and testimonials. Customer reviews often provide me with all the information I need such as the quality of the product being sold by the online store, their customer service and the security they provide towards their online customers. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any review or testimonial for They don’t have a testimonial page on their website and no reviews are available from third party review websites as well.

With no reviews and feedback from their past customers, I conclude that this site is not what I need. For me, no customer feedback means being unreliable and I don’t want to waste my money with it. Reviews 2017

With no luck in finding testimonials or reviews for, I decided to check its status on Apparently, this website is currently on “rogue” status meaning it is not trustworthy as an online store. In short, it is a website that does deceitful activities.

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A further background check on brought me to where it shows that the website is based on Germany on in one of the Russian Federation countries. Although the location is accurate, the site has a “low trust rating” from In short, this site is not safe to use at all.

image2 14 Coupon Codes

Most online stores run promotions and give out coupon codes to attract more customers. Although I am certain that I won’t be making any purchases at, I still went ahead and checked the current promotions they have. So far, they have a coupon for returning customers (provided that their customers will be returning).

image1 13

What I am not sure though is if this code has been used in the past. If it was, then it means that has returning customers. Returning customers would mean “happy customers” though and if they are happy, would it be so hard to leave a “thank you note” to

Conclusion claims that they are one of the leading online pharmacies in providing quality medicines to anyone, anywhere. This German-based website also offers free shipping worldwide (regular mail delivery). In a case of lost package wherein the customer paid for the shipping (Express delivery), customers can contact their support to ask for refund or reshipping of the said order. The question is, how hard it is to get a customer phone support?

As an online shopper, the only good thing that I can see on this website is the price of the products they are selling. They are very affordable. Yet, I also want to see a detailed FAQ page, testimonials and reviews from previous customers and clear policies on refunds. I would also prefer an online store with good trust rating from or a good standing from If you are looking for a reliable online pharmacy to purchase your medicines without hassle, then do not waste your time with I believe this online pharmacy has nothing to offer and the people operating it are just trying to get a run for your money. I give Medstore-checkout 2 out of 5 rating.